Sunday, August 28, 2011

Affiliates Marketing - Selecting products

Good day.

Have you ever been in an "eureka" situation where you can see through holes of opportunity and being able to see how to make money by helping people?

That is what happen to me recently. It's easier to find opportunity through our own experience. For example, going to work, I always spend about 3 hours everyday on the road driving. I am thinking of what I could do to that benefits me for that 3 hours. So I decided to listen something informative. The answer to the intention is by listening to audio books. By driving, we need to focus using our eyes so we cannot read. But we still can listen. Compare listening to the radio. It would be better listening to structured information to increase our knowledge.

So I decide to start it as soon as possible. So let us think that if everyone think of the same thing, it's an business opportunity. By helping people to get the products, we can earn commission.

So guys, if you have any ideas or comments on this idea. Please comments. Thanks