Saturday, May 24, 2008

Open Your Mind!

Hi there,

I watched this movie "Super Hero".
There is one scene about the hero bet
with his uncle about how he can avoid

Then the hero said to his uncle "I bet
100$ if you can lend a punch", while he
get ready for his uncle to punch him.
His uncle say, "It's easy" then he punched
the hero's friend beside him. The hero
then gave 100$ to his uncle. It happens
that he forgot to mention to punch him.
He just said "lend a punch".

When watching that scene, I laugh until
I fell my stomach explode!! Hahaha!!

The scene is funny but got hidden lesson
inside it. It's about how we think everyday.
How our ability to think were narrowed by
the "everybody do" things.

I am thinking that if I was in the uncle's
place, I would punch the hero without
analyizing the question properly first.

So the hidden message was for us to be
alert and open our mind in every aspects
of life. We usually being forced to think the
way others do. It will limit our creativity and
that is not good.

I really love to share about this to the whole
world. I hope it helps somehow. ^_^


Bizmind "Timothy"

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Hi there,

Today I went to the cinema alone..
Watching "Forbidden Kingdom". It's a nice movie.
It's filled with laughters and actions.
The movie plot also very nice.
It's quite rare to watch Jet Li and Jackie Chan
in one same movie. Their acting are very good.

There are few words that I picked from the
movie which I think are good for us to think.

"Q:What if I freeze?
A:Don't forget to breath..."

"I can't understand what you are saying.
 A: Because you didn't listen!"

"What do you want?
 A: I just want to go home.."

There are plenty more words which is deep
in meaning but I can't remember it all.

One thing that I realize when watching this movie
alone is, it feels like something is missing. I laugh
when everybody are laughing but it is just not it.

In this journey in our life. Being alone is the most
painfull. So, eventhough you got the whole world,
it is nothing if you have no one to share with.

So we must appreciate the one that close with us.
Know that no one in this world can live alone forever.
The most precious treasures are always be with us.
It is just we never realize it or we just ignored it.

I think thats all for this post.
I need some rest. Just came back from the cinema.
I am tired..


Bizmind "Timothy"

Build repo...

Hi guys and galz, ^_^

Now that I already got my own website.
I need to make it known to the world.
Do you know that this is the most  challenging
part? Well I guess you knew it.

I read many training programmes, many
articles and I even join many forums.'
Need to learn about the techniques.

If possible, I want to do the less cost methods.
Because I am still studying and have no source
of income.. T_T

But I will never give up on this.
And I believe that you will do the same too.
Not to give up in what ever good things that you
do. Why did I said "good things"?
Because  I never support bad things such selling
drugs,stealing and all the things that fall into that
category. ^_^

So that's it for now.. ^_^

Have a nice day..


Bizmind "Timothy"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Do it myself!

Hi there

I was thinking how to do web programming.
I am really interested in what happening at the back of this
website. How they made this website like this?
So I made my decision to learn how they do it.
It is very interesting. The knowledge of programming is
very useful nowadays. From the knowledge we can
make money from it by making people lives better.
That is a win-win situation where nobody will lose anything.

So I already borrowed book from the library about
HTML programming to learn the basic. And also my
friend gave ebook about it and some software to use
during programming processes.

I hope in a month I can see the result.
My target is to learn to make affiliate website.
With this knowledge I hope I can help others by offering
them lower price for my service.

Learn to do it ourselves is the best! ^_^


Bizmind "Timothy"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I want to be original!

Hi there,

I am so tired today.
I joined forum and make some post there.
I also read the post made by the members.

While doing all that, I think to myself that
I need to be original. I need to have my own identity.
Maybe the identity is not 100% origninal but a
combination of few ideas. It means that I do some
synthesizing with it.

So let's think about it tonight.


Bizmind "Timothy"

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do what you love, Make money from it! ^_^

Hi there,

How are you today?
It's 7:46am and I still havent sleep since last night.
Now I feel so sleepy. Soon I will be sleeping.
But before that, I want to share something for
you to digest today.

What am I doing just now? I am playing online games.
Do you know that I can make money through playing
online games? If you don't, I tell you that it is possible.
I am sure because I make money while playing the
game at the same time. That's mean I am killing 2 birds
with one stone.

It is like dream come true. While I can do my favorite
activity, I can make money at the same time.
Well if you ask me how I do it, I will not hesitate to
share. Well, online games is a network of people
playing the same game from different places.

As long as there is network, there will be chances for
us to make money. The important part is having a
business mind. See what the people need and analyze
what is your strength that can help them. In return,
they will pay you for your help. That is a win-win
situation. Nobody will lose anything. Both will be happy.
I like that. ^_^

As for me, I saw that the people in the game need the
game money to buy their "stuffs" but they do not have
enough money and they do not have enough time
to gain the money themselves. It is an opportunity! From
there, I saw that my strength is time. I got plenty of time.
So I start using the time to gain the game money. It is
an advantage for me to have the time until I can gain
a lot of game money. So I make an offer to those who
want to buy the money that I gain. I never force them to
buy. They volunteerily and happily buy the game money
that I gained in exchange with "real money".
So it is a good trade.

The real money that I get from trading the game money is
enough to pay my monthly internet bill. I am so happy with that.
What else that make us happy when we can make money from
doing the things that we enjoyed and love.

While gaining the money. I can do something else which can
give positive return. Thats mean I am killing 3 birds with
1 stone. I will tell about it later ya.. ^_^

The moral of the story is, do what you like and make money
from it. Same goes to internet business. We will go to this
part in the near future. Until then, see ya. ^_^

*ps: I am going to the dream world..


Bizmind "Timothy"

Monday, May 12, 2008

What is PIPs?

Hi there,

I am really busy today with my new website.
Need to learn a lot about how to manage it.

I am thinking that if there is no service like
PIPs, I will still be sitting in my room and thinking
about how to start a website.

With the existence of PIPs I can cut of my
journey of making money into half. Which means
I can reach my goal 2 times faster.
I really feel thankful to PIPs.

So what is PIPs?
It stands for Plug In Profit site. This site
helps people like me who is considered as
"newby" in the world of internet business.
Because most of the people who didn't do
internet business is due to lack of knowledge
to start a website.

PIPs help me to build website for FREE!!!!!!!
I can be more grateful for that. Even more,
PIPs help me by recommending the best affiliate
programmes in the world such as Clickbank,
Empowerism and SFI. It provides me step by step
on what to do. And I also been provided with
powerfull news letter that can pull customer for me

My website done in less then 24hours and its
impressed me! There are also training provided
that can help us to fill our pocket with money.
We just need to follow it step by step. Leave the
thinking for them. They are simply the best!

I am sure that you will never find people like this
that wants to see you success in making money
from the comfort of your home.

If you ask me, I would recommend you to take
this opportunity before they start charging for their

Get your own website HERE!


Bizmind "Timothy"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nice quote.. It happens to me.. :)

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

Hi there,

I was reading one site on the internet and came across this
quote. The quote was really making me think about my life.
I am dreaming of becoming an internet marketer but I
always just talk about it. Whenever it comes to do the action,
I will think that I am not capable enough and needs more

As time pass by, it already been almost 2 years I've been
doing the same thing again and again without starting
anything. I was really dissapointed on myself.

Last week I said to myself, "Let's do this!" (Even if I still
do not know much about online business ^_^)
Then I do the work. Even though I don't know how to make
website, I got people that really helps me.

Thanks to them I got my first website (At Last.. fuh~~)

You can view my first website here,

There you can get the same service to create your own
website at a very nice price.. ^_^

This service is very nice and greatly will help us
generate money online without need to think to much..

I will tell you why later.. see ya..


Bizmind "Timothy"

Health is Wealth!

Hi there,

I have one situation for us to think about.
What if:
    "You are the richest person in the world.
    But, you have a sickness that cannot be
    cure by any medicine or technology.
     You always feel pain in what ever you do"

The questions here are,

     "Are you happy about it?"
     "Does the money means anything?"

From my personal view at that time,
money is nothing without health.

So what can we do start from now?
Prevent the situation from occurring
in your life. I mean about the sickness.
Worst come to worst when you are
not rich and have the sickness.
During that time, you will wish that
you have a time machine to go back
to time and take my advice.

What I want to share here is that
health is very important. But can we
just live like that and hoping we will
be okay? In this world where polution
is everywhere?

My suggestion is, DO SOMETHING!

Acai is considered as one of the
healthiest food in the world.
I got one best source which can
provide us the healthy food for
the happiness of the life to come.

The price is reasonable and so much
cheaper compare to the benefits
that you will get.

Get Acai, Get Health!!

Get it here and you will never regret,


Bizmind "Timothy"

Friday, May 9, 2008

No products + No Website = Making money ONLINE!? How!?

Hi there,

I came across this one website that makes
my head spin in excitement.
Before this I thought that if I want to 
make money online
I need to make website and have products to sell..


It feels like magic coming from the sky!
This methods is super Great!
As long as you know how to use google and
join free affiliates from Clickbank..
YOU  can make your pocket fills with money
without any website!

You MUST try this method!
It is 8 WEEKS money back Guarantee.

Get it  NOW!

>> Your portal to success <<

Thanks to you WADE WINGER!


Bizmind "Timothy"

Thursday, May 8, 2008

FIX it along the way!

Are you a perfectionist?

Is it good? or is it bad?

There are no "one and only" answer for this.
We knew that being perfect is
something that everybody wants.
But is it relevant in terms of
starting our businesses?

Ok let us talk about starting a business.
Let say you want to start internet
business. And you are a perfectionist.
You want to make sure you know ALL
the secrets and techniques before
you want to act. I bet that you will
never start the business.

The reason I say this is because
the knowledge and informations
out there are always changing,
so you need to always learn it
and absorbs new things. Because
of this I can assure to you that
you will never reach PERFECT
level. Not just you but everybody
including me.

My suggestion:
Learn some basic then GO FOR IT!
JUST DO IT! ^_^. Along the way, you
can FIX the ERROR and make your
business better. I believe soon you
will reach "99.99% perfect"
(Because nobody is perfect right? ^_^)

So let us think about it...


Bizmind "Timothy"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Multiple streams of income!

I am reading one website about multiple streams of income to fund our needs.
It's quite interesting and the theory is logic. It says that to make money from
multiple source is easier n faster rather than just from one source. I think it is
better to make 1$ from 100 sources than making 100$ just from 1 source.

Take time to think about it.. ^_^


Bizmind "Timothy"

Monday, May 5, 2008

Online Bizz

Hi there,

I am interested in making money online.
Reaallllyyyy interested.
Can you imagine while drinking a cup of nice hot choc
you are sitting in front of the monitor watching
how your business are doing. Seeing the payment made by your
unknown customer making you feel motivated to get more.

So don't you want to try making money online.
No "traffic jam" and we can save the world by saving the
fuel consumption. ^_^

So I guess, let us start doing research on online businesses.


Bizmind "Timothy"

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Welcome to the world of..."Biz"

Hi there,

How are you today?

Oh thats good. :)
I am very happy to share information and knowledge with you.

I am sorry if my English is not so good.
But that will not stop me from sharing.
Well from the name you know that I love business.
For me, business is the core to fulfill our financial needs.

Not everyone can become Doctor or Engineer but EVERYONE can do business.
I hope this blog is good to provide some information.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
I would like to improve from time to time.

Until then, see ya!!


Bizmind "Timothy"