Saturday, November 26, 2011

Appreciate your writing...

Good day to everyone.

I want to get us back to the title of this blog. It is about
"Bizz", which leads to Business in some people mind.
Well, that means the information contained in this blog is
about how to get more profit in your daily life...

One of the way is, blogging. Now what is in front of you is
my blog. My WRITINGS reached your eyes and after that your
mind. I am putting my words in your mind. Another way saying
is that I am promoting something directly to your mind which
controls your actions.

So, what I am going to share today is about writings.
Everyone can write no matter what languages are being used.
Sometimes people writes things that only they can understand.
I can say that as a secret code.

But let us put at this moment that we are using language that
eveyone can understand. So how are we going to make it better
writing apart from others? Is by being appreciating our own
writings. I saw 1 video from youtube
>> << which talked
about writing. 2 messages that being told was about treating
owns writing as gold and learn to listen in deep about
someone's own writing and also other's writing.

Being able to do that, we are going to produce great masterpiece
of our own world which can affect others world.

Enjoy the video cause if your really listen to it, you will
be amazed by how it can change your thought about writing
which indirectly will help you to increase your potential
in getting better in blog profiting. He3.

All the best.

Best regards from:


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Business plan..

Good day to everyone.

I would like to share my thinking.

It's about how to plan our business.
Lately I have been thinking about this;
Just by being an employee, it would not
be enough for us to survive in this ever
challenging life.

Nowadays our life condition is getting
more and more tighten. Cost of living
is hiking like crazy. Maybe our salary
only increase 1 time but the grocerries'
price already increase somewhat like 3 - 5

It is totally ridiculous for us just to
rely on our job alone. Husband and wife
now need both to be working in order to
survive. Let alone saying about having a
comfortable life, far from reality.

But I never give up. I always look into ways
to be successful in business platform.

So what I do think in these few days was
about setting the flow plan for my business

First of all, I did some self-check to see
what do I really have passion with. One thing
for sure is about eating. So I decided to
open one small franchise business related to
foods. ^_^

The income generated from the business I intend
use for attending courses to get certificates
related to my field of academic which is
Engineering. From this certificates, I would
have the chance to operate contract works.

From that then, I am thinking of starting
something big. For example establishing plant
for settling comunities problem.

For those who have the drive to do this, please
share. ^_^



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Affiliates Marketing - Selecting products

Good day.

Have you ever been in an "eureka" situation where you can see through holes of opportunity and being able to see how to make money by helping people?

That is what happen to me recently. It's easier to find opportunity through our own experience. For example, going to work, I always spend about 3 hours everyday on the road driving. I am thinking of what I could do to that benefits me for that 3 hours. So I decided to listen something informative. The answer to the intention is by listening to audio books. By driving, we need to focus using our eyes so we cannot read. But we still can listen. Compare listening to the radio. It would be better listening to structured information to increase our knowledge.

So I decide to start it as soon as possible. So let us think that if everyone think of the same thing, it's an business opportunity. By helping people to get the products, we can earn commission.

So guys, if you have any ideas or comments on this idea. Please comments. Thanks



Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gold Investment

Good day.

Let us together think about gold investment.
I was told by my friend that doing gold
investment is sure to produce profit.

Is it true? Have we ever see Gold price to
drop? As long as I know, the price of Gold
will only hike and sometime maintain.

So I suggest that if we have extra money,
we should go and buy gold. We just need to
make sure that the gold that we buy is
genuine. Google on tips how to inspect gold
characteristics before going to buy them.

So, what are we waiting for? Let us go for it!