Sunday, January 3, 2010


This is what will happen if you buy Air Asia ticket using CIMBCLICKS.

Eventhough your money got deducted without you receiving the ticket.

Dear Tim,

Thank you for your message and banking with us.

We wsih to inform you that based on confirmation receive from our relevant department, the booking was confirmed on 26th Nov 2009.

Should you have other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our CIMB Call Centre at 1-300-880-900 or 03-2295 6100 between 7am to 11pm (Malaysia hours) daily, (we are contactable 7 days a week including public holidays) for information and assistance.

Regards and have a nice day.

This is what my final comment to them:

You can check with Air Asia whether I got the confirmation or not. All I know is that during the final stage of buying Air Asia ticket using CIMBCLICKS, I receive error message and my balance money got deducted.

I hope this message will be recorded as CIMB service weakness and flaw. Nevermind about the Rm99. You can keep it. I am tired chasing BIG bank for just a tiny little refund (which they also cannot settle). I am wondering what if there is another 10 000 people (or more) out there sharing the same fate as me. It will be an extra income ya..

My advice is that, do not do service which you guys is not good at, yet. It’s money that is been playing around here. Money which is not easy to be obtain through legal ways. For illegal method, I have no comment.

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