Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This time I want to write about MLM.
What is MLM?
MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing.
It is a type of marketing used nowadays.

It use the power of networking.
As we know, our time and energy is limited.
We also know doing work alone cannot fight
the result when we do work by teamwork.

So the concept is in the "teamwork" opportunity.

Normally when we ask people who do not understand
what is MLM, they will say that MLM is Direct
Selling. And nowdays MLM got bad reputation among
people especially those who got cheated by people
who do MLM. It is not the MLM's fault, it's the
people who do the MLM is misusing it.

So I want to make it clear here that MLM is good.
MLM is about sharing and not just selling.
If you want to sell only, do not join MLM. In MLM,
we can train ourselves to be patience, persistence
and having positive thinking. Our presentation
skills will also increase dramatically if we really
do what it train you to.

Make sure when you choose your MLM company, it has
a concept that we can share to people that will help
them understand and change their life to be better.
It can be any concept, whether it is about health,
financial etc..

Bizmind "Timothy"

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