Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Human management!

I met one person today. He is to be considered as
successful person in the area of business.
He teach me about human management in business.

I did many business before this. But it won't last
long because I will feel tired of doing all the
job alone. He told me that I must have the ability
to manage workers. That is the only way we can expand
our business. So now I know what mistakes I made before.

Even my big brother also always told me that we need
to be manager and think like a manager in order to
achieve success in business. Today's happening was
really give impact to my thinking about doing business.
No matter what type of business, we need to learn the
skill of managing human resource.

I want to share all this to everybody out there!! ^_^

Thats all for now..

Bizmind "Timothy"


missben6 said...

If I have a dream car,what should I do? :) hehehe

Bizmind said...

Keep on holding to the image
of your dream car and start planning and taking actions.
You will surely get it. ^_^