Sunday, August 17, 2008

Continuous learning.. So important..

In everything that we do, continuous
learning is very crucial. We must
fill ourself with new knowledge and
information to be competent.

In business, to obtain the latest
news and knowledge will be the key
for your achievements. People with
the most knowledge, information and
skills will have the advantage as
they can turn anything into money.

Knowledge also can generate the
creative and inovative ideas in you.
If you do not know that telephone
already exist, how can you be sure
that your design of telephone is a
new design? That's only analogy for
what I am trying to tell you. ^_^

So what can we do now?
Actually I also want to make it a
habit for myself to set a time at
least 1 hour a day for me to read
anything useful to add my knowledge.
Asking people also a way to add
information into your "built in since
born computer".

Bit by bit, with enough persistence,
you will see the results sooner or

Come let us together START IT NOW! ^_^

Bizmind "Timothy"

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