Saturday, September 22, 2012

Woopit - The 24 hour mobile reload shop

Good day my friend.

I cannot remember when is my last time posting in this blog.
Suddenly today 22 Sept I felt like posting an article.
It may be that I have things to share.

Actually it's about business (of course since this blog emphasis on business).
Recently (not too recent) I have been introduced to a system, mobile top up system.
It's actually a machine. Small machine with the size of public phone (without the phone receiver)
capable of sending top ups to your mobile phones.

For readers from outside Malaysia, I am sure this technology has already been widely use
in your country. But for Malaysia specificaly Sabah (one of the states in Malaysia, known for
Borneo Island and containing Mount Kinabalu), this machine is still alien.

As mentioned in the topic line, the name of the machine is Woopit. The top flow doesn't
involved top up cards, you just enter your telco type (Digi, Maxis, Celcom, U-mobile, International
call) then enter your telephone number, Pay (notes or coins EXACT AMOUNT) and WALA!
your mobile phone are ready to take another job.

When it comes to business, of course profit is in the story line. So let's talk about what the owner
can get from this business. Commission of course. In short income = 4% of the gross sales.
Let's play with the figures. In one month let say 100 people top up Rm10 = Rm1000.
4% of Rm1000 = Rm40. Do you think in one month, only 100 people will top up? Or an all individu
will only reload Rm10? Of course it can be more than that. Let's say that you wanted to get Rm500
from the machine in a month (consider this as extra income but not the only income), so how
much top up the machine should top up customer's mobile phone? Rm500 = 4%. So 100% = 500/4x100.
Gross sales should be Rm12,500. For top ups, it is not a problem.

The key to success is location. Where do you place this machine will determine the sales (which the commision will goes to your spending usage). For me, those with more buying power is college students.
Though they are still not working, but they use top up a lot! That is the time where they will be more on the social side. So need to put park the machine at places such as colleges, universities, apartments etc. (Maybe you know better).

In order to get the location and do the instalation, it is important to get approval from premis owner. It may be that rent will be involve but be rational on the market potential. If it is likely sales not so good, do not agree to an expensive rent, or else every month money will be going out from your pocket instead of coming in.

Every business has its risk. Those who success in business are those who can handle risk nicely.

In short, whoever reader who fortunately found this article and interested in this business, please Email to me ( use the Subject: "INTERESTED IN WOOPIT MACHINE". Okay that's all for now. All the best.



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