Friday, September 26, 2008

In this online business...

Let me continue from the topic above:

... we need our own domain and website (at least one even others maybe have more but right now I am talking about the starting line). Before this I am thinking that it's gonna be ok to be just like another marketer without any website's. But in order to gain trust by your prospects and your clients, you need to show them your credibility or your willingness to sacrifice something that can show that you are really into this online business. From that point of changes when you start making your own website with your own paid domain and your own hosting, then you can call yourself "internet business man or woman". People don't care if you got the domain name and the hosting for what price. All they want to know is that whether you have the guts to take something out from your pockets before you start to fill them.

With these thoughts in my mind, I decide to start my own domain and hosting to be the next level of my participation in this HUGE COMMUNITY! I got these domain and hosting from one company known as the Global Domain International which offer me only 10$ a month for both the domain and the hosting account. To make it better, after we share to just at least 10 people (At the same time we are helping them) this NICE OFFER from GDI, we will start to use the service for FREE! It looks like GDI actually wants to help us because it's a win - win situation where everybody got their rewards.

One more thing that I want to tell you is about the 7 days free trial. You can try this service for 7 days before you will be charged. So why don't you see it for yourself? Then after that make your decision from your own view.

Is there any doubt left in your mind after knowing all these GREAT opportunity that you will get?

>>I want to be succesful online business person start from NOW!!<<

.. or never..



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