Thursday, October 16, 2008

If U Failed to PLAN then U PLAN to Fail

That's the words that show how important planning are. Actually before this, I take "planing" for granted. When I need to do the actions, then I will think about how to do that in that instance. But with this style, I always end up to be confused and carried away. What I mean by "carried away" is that I cannot focus on my goal and just followed my leg where it carries me. Then  when I realize it, my friends that have proper planing for their future are getting nearer to it. As for me, I just live like a bird, day by day. Today thinking about tomorrow and this continue. I never think about further in the future. This is a LESSON to me. I should stop from being like this. With this kind of habit, I will never achieved success (Except for LUCKY people). 

One of the thing that I am sure of about the requirement for success is "continuous learning". But only by knowing this will not bring us to success. And in order to do this "continuous learning", we need to "always study". But sometimes when we do not have proper planing, we will tend to "skip" the learning time. Maybe we will say, "I am lazy today, so tomorrow I will do it". Then tomorrow, same thing happening again. So WHAT SHOULD WE DO? As for me, to overcome my "delaying habits", I made my own time table for the work to be done. I will put the work to be done in details or in small pieces because I will feel scared if thinking about how much work I need to do to finish a BIG task. To settle this "scared" thinking, I will break the BIG task, I will split it to SMALLER tasks. After that I will put a CHECK BOX in the end of each small task. The FEELING of "checking the box" after you finish doing the small task will make you wants for more and this will slowly bring you on the way to finish your BIG task.

So that's about planning..
In the next post, I will share to you about how to use mind map to plan. :)
All the best to you..



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