Thursday, October 23, 2008

Starting is Painful..

   Business is good. You know about it. Well, everyone does. We can see many people become successful because of businesses. But seldom do we see how the business owner starts his /her own journey. Right now I am in the midst of setting up my online business and I can feel the challenges. I have no knowledge about this field. Even my background of study was not related to this business.

   There are so many things to think and to be taken care of. I need to think about the technical stuffs. I need to think about ideas for my site contents. Need to generate creative ideas for promotions. All these stuffs and many more will need me to make time tables to arrange them so I will do it with balance. Addition to the time tables is “DISCIPLINE”. Without discipline, planning and time tables will be no use. What are the use of having time tables if you cannot follow them?

   Sometimes I will feel like wanting to stop doing all these things because I didn’t see any money comes into my pocket. But I knew that this business is not a quick rich scheme. I need to build this business from scrap. Starting from “zero” and aiming for “hero”. I believe that if others can do it, I can do it too.

   Each and every one of us is made to be special and have the ability to learn, provided we “want” to learn. It is wise to spend at least 1 hour everyday for reading any material that could upgrade your knowledge in your area of interest. There will be time that we feel like we want to learn all stuffs in a day. Don’t rush things. Be cool and the most important part is to maintain your momentum. Success is waiting for us just a little bit ahead. =)



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