Saturday, May 17, 2008


Hi there,

Today I went to the cinema alone..
Watching "Forbidden Kingdom". It's a nice movie.
It's filled with laughters and actions.
The movie plot also very nice.
It's quite rare to watch Jet Li and Jackie Chan
in one same movie. Their acting are very good.

There are few words that I picked from the
movie which I think are good for us to think.

"Q:What if I freeze?
A:Don't forget to breath..."

"I can't understand what you are saying.
 A: Because you didn't listen!"

"What do you want?
 A: I just want to go home.."

There are plenty more words which is deep
in meaning but I can't remember it all.

One thing that I realize when watching this movie
alone is, it feels like something is missing. I laugh
when everybody are laughing but it is just not it.

In this journey in our life. Being alone is the most
painfull. So, eventhough you got the whole world,
it is nothing if you have no one to share with.

So we must appreciate the one that close with us.
Know that no one in this world can live alone forever.
The most precious treasures are always be with us.
It is just we never realize it or we just ignored it.

I think thats all for this post.
I need some rest. Just came back from the cinema.
I am tired..


Bizmind "Timothy"

1 comment:

missben6 said...

U are not alone..

U have me.. i know that we always argue no matter it is big or small problem but deep in my heart says dat ' I love U so much!!'..

I am so sorry..


ps: I miss U..