Saturday, May 24, 2008

Open Your Mind!

Hi there,

I watched this movie "Super Hero".
There is one scene about the hero bet
with his uncle about how he can avoid

Then the hero said to his uncle "I bet
100$ if you can lend a punch", while he
get ready for his uncle to punch him.
His uncle say, "It's easy" then he punched
the hero's friend beside him. The hero
then gave 100$ to his uncle. It happens
that he forgot to mention to punch him.
He just said "lend a punch".

When watching that scene, I laugh until
I fell my stomach explode!! Hahaha!!

The scene is funny but got hidden lesson
inside it. It's about how we think everyday.
How our ability to think were narrowed by
the "everybody do" things.

I am thinking that if I was in the uncle's
place, I would punch the hero without
analyizing the question properly first.

So the hidden message was for us to be
alert and open our mind in every aspects
of life. We usually being forced to think the
way others do. It will limit our creativity and
that is not good.

I really love to share about this to the whole
world. I hope it helps somehow. ^_^


Bizmind "Timothy"

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