Friday, May 16, 2008

Do it myself!

Hi there

I was thinking how to do web programming.
I am really interested in what happening at the back of this
website. How they made this website like this?
So I made my decision to learn how they do it.
It is very interesting. The knowledge of programming is
very useful nowadays. From the knowledge we can
make money from it by making people lives better.
That is a win-win situation where nobody will lose anything.

So I already borrowed book from the library about
HTML programming to learn the basic. And also my
friend gave ebook about it and some software to use
during programming processes.

I hope in a month I can see the result.
My target is to learn to make affiliate website.
With this knowledge I hope I can help others by offering
them lower price for my service.

Learn to do it ourselves is the best! ^_^


Bizmind "Timothy"

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