Thursday, May 8, 2008

FIX it along the way!

Are you a perfectionist?

Is it good? or is it bad?

There are no "one and only" answer for this.
We knew that being perfect is
something that everybody wants.
But is it relevant in terms of
starting our businesses?

Ok let us talk about starting a business.
Let say you want to start internet
business. And you are a perfectionist.
You want to make sure you know ALL
the secrets and techniques before
you want to act. I bet that you will
never start the business.

The reason I say this is because
the knowledge and informations
out there are always changing,
so you need to always learn it
and absorbs new things. Because
of this I can assure to you that
you will never reach PERFECT
level. Not just you but everybody
including me.

My suggestion:
Learn some basic then GO FOR IT!
JUST DO IT! ^_^. Along the way, you
can FIX the ERROR and make your
business better. I believe soon you
will reach "99.99% perfect"
(Because nobody is perfect right? ^_^)

So let us think about it...


Bizmind "Timothy"

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