Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do what you love, Make money from it! ^_^

Hi there,

How are you today?
It's 7:46am and I still havent sleep since last night.
Now I feel so sleepy. Soon I will be sleeping.
But before that, I want to share something for
you to digest today.

What am I doing just now? I am playing online games.
Do you know that I can make money through playing
online games? If you don't, I tell you that it is possible.
I am sure because I make money while playing the
game at the same time. That's mean I am killing 2 birds
with one stone.

It is like dream come true. While I can do my favorite
activity, I can make money at the same time.
Well if you ask me how I do it, I will not hesitate to
share. Well, online games is a network of people
playing the same game from different places.

As long as there is network, there will be chances for
us to make money. The important part is having a
business mind. See what the people need and analyze
what is your strength that can help them. In return,
they will pay you for your help. That is a win-win
situation. Nobody will lose anything. Both will be happy.
I like that. ^_^

As for me, I saw that the people in the game need the
game money to buy their "stuffs" but they do not have
enough money and they do not have enough time
to gain the money themselves. It is an opportunity! From
there, I saw that my strength is time. I got plenty of time.
So I start using the time to gain the game money. It is
an advantage for me to have the time until I can gain
a lot of game money. So I make an offer to those who
want to buy the money that I gain. I never force them to
buy. They volunteerily and happily buy the game money
that I gained in exchange with "real money".
So it is a good trade.

The real money that I get from trading the game money is
enough to pay my monthly internet bill. I am so happy with that.
What else that make us happy when we can make money from
doing the things that we enjoyed and love.

While gaining the money. I can do something else which can
give positive return. Thats mean I am killing 3 birds with
1 stone. I will tell about it later ya.. ^_^

The moral of the story is, do what you like and make money
from it. Same goes to internet business. We will go to this
part in the near future. Until then, see ya. ^_^

*ps: I am going to the dream world..


Bizmind "Timothy"

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