Saturday, May 10, 2008

Health is Wealth!

Hi there,

I have one situation for us to think about.
What if:
    "You are the richest person in the world.
    But, you have a sickness that cannot be
    cure by any medicine or technology.
     You always feel pain in what ever you do"

The questions here are,

     "Are you happy about it?"
     "Does the money means anything?"

From my personal view at that time,
money is nothing without health.

So what can we do start from now?
Prevent the situation from occurring
in your life. I mean about the sickness.
Worst come to worst when you are
not rich and have the sickness.
During that time, you will wish that
you have a time machine to go back
to time and take my advice.

What I want to share here is that
health is very important. But can we
just live like that and hoping we will
be okay? In this world where polution
is everywhere?

My suggestion is, DO SOMETHING!

Acai is considered as one of the
healthiest food in the world.
I got one best source which can
provide us the healthy food for
the happiness of the life to come.

The price is reasonable and so much
cheaper compare to the benefits
that you will get.

Get Acai, Get Health!!

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Bizmind "Timothy"

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